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Emergency Contact
Blood Bank
02223667811 / 7820
Boardline Number
02223671888 / 2888


Quality is the watchword

Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD) at Breach Candy Hospital embraces Hospital quality policy both in letter and spirit. We have standard policies and procedures in place based on international benchmarks to optimize departmental performance and services.

It’s major responsibilities include processing and sterilization of surgical instruments ,Trays and Sets, Dressing Material , Rubber Goods etc. by means of state- of-the –art equipment such as Washer Disinfector, Ultrasonic cleaner ,Dry heat Sterilizer, EO Sterilizer & Pre-Vacuum Sterilizers .Our staff ensures that these devices are properly handled, processed , stored and calibrated to minimize the risk of contamination at the point of care.

Mechanical, chemical and biological Indicators are used monitoring quality.

Quality control involves continuous supervision of personnel performance work practices and verification of adherence to established policies and procedures.

Division of CSSD Areas

CSSD department follows unidirectional flow concept at BCH i.e. Decontamination area, Assembly / Process Area ,Sterilizer / Machine Room & Sterile Storage .

CSSD receives, processes, packs, sterilizes, stores, distributes and controls supplies of sterile materials to all the departments including wards, OPD and OT.

Trained and committed staff
Responsible customer service